Older and Wiser, Boy Still Seeks Girl

Some fine woman is going to have the best relationship of her life with me! Check to see if she is you!

To a woman looking for a great mate: Hi! Since my full name is rather long (James Edward David Cline), you can call me by the nickname of Jim or Dave or JED ... could even be Griffin ... take your pick. Here is a 1993 photo of me (I look a bit older now in 1996):

What kind of woman am I looking for, what kind of relationship do I have in mind, and what do I expect to contribute to the relationship?

Well, basically, I am looking for a woman to be loved by me every night and sometimes my friend/companion. And much more, hopefully. Soon.

Second, the kind of relationship I generally have in mind is a long-term one that is mutually comfortably satisfying and nurtures both our well-beings, a 50-50 relationship.

And third, what I expect to contribute to the relationship in addition to that already involved above:

How would we initially connect?

That is a problem. She to knock on my door?... too dangerous, might somehow actually be someone else's door. Phone me?...watch out for wrong numbers. Be in my sight?... no, there are always other guys around who are much quicker than I at interaction with any girl that comes near me. (My life, as a natural innovator, in many ways is like a fish in an aquarium: little true privacy, and some watchful men seem to make a sport of interference... to connect with me she would need to definitely ignore all the clever smooth-talking hunks that suddenly sprout on her way to me.) Another problem is that I have yet to learn how to do the popular psychic cord interconnection process ... so don't think it is me that does that.

She will need to be a little more aggressive in meeting me, unfortunately. Risky, since I don't know how to let her really identify me. To really let me know she is available to me for talk and maybe more; knowing that in the confusion of public places I tend to be a "space cadet", often a little too dazzled by what is going on there to be able to aggressively initiate interaction with an interesting woman there... I've only found embarrassing rejection in such places, so that is what I expect to happen. E-mail might be a way although even it isn't necessarily reliable over the internet server.

The advantage to an interested woman is that, until I have a consistent lover, I will not reject any woman who is not shielded by overweight, is ...20 to 45 or so..., and is very clearly available to me.

How she can make it clear to me is uncertain, however. It's very easy to connect with me in private; but in public it is hard to do. This is because most people have vision as a dominant sense, and some have hearing as their dominant sense, and a few have touch/movement as their dominant sense ... mine is the latter: touch and movement is what gets my real attention. To vision and hearing I tend to be a non-participant in public, unless touch/movement has already made the connection. My vision and hearing interaction in public is much as if I'm watching a movie ... not really there as a participant. (However, touch/movement as my dominant sense is part of what makes me a great lover to a woman!) Unfortunately, aggressive touch/movement by a woman to other men is risky or dangerous for her, ... so make sure he is not a phoney, be sure the man is really me before doing so, please, for your sake.

How to identify me? Well, I have light brown hair, blue/green eyes, 5'-7" tall, 145 lbs, middle aged, wearing blue jeans if it is at all appropriate there. My current bachelor's difficult lifestyle is that I drive a blue '90 Honda Civic hatchback usually cluttered inside with stuff; am in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles county; often go to the LA Zoo in Griffith Park since I'm a GLAZA member; the Unitarian church in North Hills (the "Onion"); driving the 125 miles to Hemet to have dinner with my mother and stepfather several times a month; K-Mart, Target, Topanga Plaza mall, Fallbrook mall, Albertsons/Hughes/Ralphs markets; Santa Monica 3rd street promenade, DanceHome.

Perhaps E-mail your interest to both of my e-mail adresses:



Some fine woman is going to have the best relationship of her life with me! Check to see if she is you!

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