EARTH PLUS Space Colonization Concept

by James Edward David Cline

Seemingly impossible, there may be a way to actually provide a tremendous expansion of thriving human civilization while restoring the earth surface to a healthy diverse biosystem, in contrast to the scenario of a future Earth of a closed ecosystem of an entropied-resources garbage-covered planet of starving sickly gladiatorial people.

Escaping the constraints of the caves of earth, this time, may be enabled by the development of several technologies, especially of the unusual transportation technology involved.

The suggested approach to the task of restoring Earth's surface ecosystem while greatly expanding civilization, is first to do intense research and development on three areas at the same time, beginning ASAP: 1) to quickly build and utilize an efficient prototype 1,000-person space habitat, prefabricated on the ground and wet-launched as a series of segments to be docked in the wheel-like configuration on-site in orbit, to do R and D on the myriad interacting systems of machines and lifeforms; 2) to build a knowledge base of the key transportation system technology, the "Kinetic Energy Supported Transportation Structure."; and 3) to greatly increase the well-being and competancy level of human beings so that we can accomplish this enormous task.

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Within a generation's time, flourishing civilization could begin to be greatly expanded while also restoring the earthsurface ecosystem to healthy biodiverse balance. This would be achieved by building a multi-billion-person self-sustaining civilization as an extention of the earthsurface ecosystem. This civilization's location would be the entire geosynchronous orbit, circling 22,300 miles above the Earth's equator. This high civilization site would be directly connected to the earthsurface by building bridging structures (internally supported by above-orbital-velocity mass kinetic energy stored circulating within those structures), carrying rail-type cargo vehicles moving millions of tons of passengers, goods and materials each year. By removing most of the load of human civilization from the earthsurface ecosystem, this also can enable Earth surface's restoration to healthy balance.

To create short names (acronyms) for the key parts of the concepts here: The Earth Plus Overall Concept's info ; the new extention of human civilization is the Geosynchronous Orbiting Habitat Ring Civilization = "GOHRC". GOHRC is composed of individual Geosynchronous Orbiting Habitats = "GOH"; each GOH provides residential-agricultural-industrial needs for 10,000 to 1,000,000 people, and millions of GOHs are strung around the earth in the geosynchronous orbit above the equator. This orbital location is necessary because relatively unmoving entrances and exits are needed by the transportation system linking the GOHRC with earthsurface, called Kinetic Energy Supported Transportation Structures = "KESTS". These KESTS are structures which are supported by the internal circulating kinetic energy of their ElectroMechanically Coupled Orbital Mass Streams "EMCOMS". Boosting individual human functionality enough to achieve this task is called Increasing Balanced Individual Human Functionality = "IBIHF". The Proposed project progress sequence. And the earth's restoration is named the Restored Earthsurface Ecosystem = "REE".

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