Inspiriational Technology

by J. E. D. Cline

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The path I've been on:

As a balance to my science and technology interests, I have many holistic interests. Exploring the processes mentioned on this page may be of interest to others, too.

Many of these were explored as a matter of necessity in difficult times; and I developed an artificial REM sleep process which works very well, and I've used effectively for some 20 years.

There is an electronic circuit which keenly illustrates a fundamental life principle which might be called "regenerative experientiality". This principle had been taught by sages in ancient times, yet perhaps is more thoroughly specified in its electronic circuit counterpart.

Some interesting books, devices and processes I've explored along the way are:

Shakti Gawain's books and tapes have long been a special inspiration, such as her "Creative Visualization" and various daily affirmation books.

Gabrielle Rico's "Clustering" process described in her book "Writing the Natural Way" has been a great help in my writing ways.

Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan's "The Artist's Way" workbook is a continuing daily process for me, writing the "morning pages" for mental clearing, and taking my "inner artist child" on weekly "artist's date" excursions to collect images for the creative process.

Dr. Paul and Gail Dennison's Educational Kinesiology Foundation, headquarted in Ventura, CA: I completed Brain Gym ®, Edu-K ® In-Depth, VisionCircles ®, and Brain Organization workshops. These processes are very effective tools for balancing and integrating the mind/body, even for the average person. For many people, they do require muscle testing, however, and so really need a partner or client to apply them fully.

"Reflections" audio tapes and reflection meditation chamber, brain/mind processes using guided visualization and hemispherical synchronization audio-visual techniques: these helped me get both sides of the brain working better and to relate more harmoniously to my world in a wholeness way.

"Activators" and "Balancers", mandalas manufactured using printed circuit board technology, tools for clearing and balancing one's subtle bodies. These were produced by Crystec in Oracle AZ, and by Joel Wallach in Los Angeles CA, whose devices are available in holistic bookstores. Joel also conducted a series of group energy meditations of excelent quality; he does energy balancing sessions individually too.

"Lovestream" © energy balancing processes, teachings and attunements by Sol Ta Triane of Christ Light Centers, Sonoma, CA. Have received attunements for 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-degree Lovestream Practitioner levels. These attunements are for the clearing and balancing of the etheric, emotional, mental, and other higher subtle bodies. Also I received attunements for the energy dispensation of nature essenses of many plants and minerals. And the Radiant Touch attunement was received from Sol's partner, Tefferli Powers. Most of my practice with these well-being processes has been by doing volunteer work at Whole Life Expos and distance transmission.

" Resonance Balancing " learned via the videotapes/booklet produced by Dr. Bill Eidelman.

I've built and explored uses of Dr. Hulda R. Clark's electronic devices, especially the 30 KHz 9-Volt 200 uA average induced monopolarity current anti-parasite device (a "parasite" is defined as an organism which uninvitedly resides in a host organism, derives its sustenance from that unwilling host ... such as oneself..., and excretes its disruptive byproducts into the host's system), which surprisingly appears to work very well, as described in her book "The Cure For All Diseases" ISBN 1-887314-02-4 (1-800-231-1776) which also describes some other interesting avenues for research using other electronic devices, such as one able to detect contaminants in foodstuffs and measure life frequencies characteristic of each kind of living being, as defined in the book. An especially effective and simple "liver cleanse" process is there too.

I've also explored the brain/mind processes using guided visualization and hemispherical synchronization audio-visual techniques of Brain Mind Research, and the Zygon Learning Machine.

Another field of interest I studied in the past is Psychosynthesis, both individual and organizational. A set of thoughts from that is found in Our Gifts .

As one measure of the specializations I've studied in the holistic, empathic arts, are the certifications I've received, some of which are:

Table of Contents

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