An almost unthinkable spacerail transportation structure supported by centriufugal force lopsidedly encircling the Earth connecting the ground with GEO could provide a tremendous step for all mankind: how and where to seek long term shelter, nourishment and power for the near future.

Here I share what I've learned in life, regarding how and where to seek shelter and nourishment. This search for shelter and nourishment has been an especially difficult struggle for me, so that is why I look toward radical new ways of ensuring their availability for the future. The growing population on this planet has the potential and opportunity to responsibly open up the otherwise closed self-consuming planetary ecosystem, by extending our civilization to include the vast resources of the space around the planet.

I've discovered a potential way to efficiently continuously move goods and people back and forth between the ground and Geosynchronous Earth Orbit, 90% up out of the planet's gravitational well. This is an entirely electrically powered transportation system, and an early use could be to emplace huge solar-electric power satellites in synchronous orbit, thereafter able to supply the earth's electrical power needs with little polution and saving precious petrochemical reserves for constructive purposes in the future.

Although this concept continues to usually be righteously scorned and ignored by the establishment, the concept still has the potential of greatly expanding our civilization into the space near the earth, thus helping to access the great resources of our solar system and allowing us to take the pressure of our civilization off of our Mother Earth, perhaps then to be restored to a balanced healthy ecosystem on into the far distant future by a responsible humanity with a tremendous potential future, if we so choose.

So look into this brainchild, called "KESTS to GEOHR", and please grace me with your comments about it. Whatever your expertise and interests, this project will utilize it in some way.

Rest, Recreation & Rejuvenation topics.

Hi, I'm Jim Cline: I hope you will like me and what I have to share with you here, and that you will share something of yourself with me too: email me at

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