Hi, thank you for your interested curiosity about me; I'm Jim (also known as Dave or JED) Cline; please look over my list of life achievements if you have time; James Edward David Cline is my full name. This is a 1993 photo of me; I'm older now. A little wiser too.

I tend to be an insightful, enthusiastic innovator type, a visionary on technological matters, and I'm also learning to apply holistic well-being processes.

Reading this, you more or less have asked about me, so here goes. Starting with some things that I'm NOT: I'm not a college grad; I'm not a member of Mensa; nor am I a gay. Some have made these mistakes, because I have been employed as an Electronics Design/Development Engineer despite the lack of a formal deree (at Shugart Corp, in Sunnyvale in early 1980's); I have created some advanced concepts such as those regarding space transportation found elsewhere on my web pages here; and I tend to be quiet, socially inept, and don't have the ardent courtship ritual skills appearantly required for impressing women.

I'm employed in electronics as a technician at present, living in Southern California. I'm a bachelor desperately needing a woman in my life, yet no idea as how to get her there. I currently live as a long term houseguest with married folk while an unstable job situation proceeds.

Here on my web pages I offer you my thoughts, ideas, about healing individual humanity and the earthsurface ecosystem while also expanding civilization. My technological views are generally considered crazy by others; even at best they are potential engineering challenges that probably no engineer would want to bet his/her career upon. Anyway, leading-edge approaches for doing this include holistic healing processes and re-juvenating the creative talents of humanity, improving health with electromedicine devices; some related technological visionary activity features the perhaps astonishing possibility of technology enabling the expansion of civilization to a ring of immense space habitats in Earth orbit conceivably buildable within a generation. Also a high-efficiency multi-speed "pull-band" ground commute technology to greatly reduce air pollution and decrease use of fossil fuels while retaining the safety and convenient efficiency of individually home garaged vehicles.

Sitting down and listing one's life achievements, big and small, is an encouraging activity; so my example list of achievements is here for you to wander through if interested. I suggest that each of you make such a list for yourself of your life achievements, starting with just a couple of items and then adding to it as you later think of more of them, for such a list is helpful to read at times.

My main need is that I still need a satisfying woman as my lover, for me to to function well in life. But how people initiate the connection these days is still a puzzle to me... it appears to be something invisible, and no mystery for the average person.

If you are interested in how I've earned a living over the years to survive while creating the concepts on these pages as some of my hobbies, look over my employment record here. Mostly in electronics, averaging at the level of engineering technician, but not currently so, currently being back down at the bottom of the heap, a repair technician for old garbage dump fume measurement instruments.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this stuff about me. Can send email to me at jedcline@earthlink.net if you wish.


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