Rest, Recreation & Rejuvenation

Perhaps the more frequent weariness as part of growing older brings up the subject of "rest, recreation and rejuvenation." The modes of this which I have found of special interest and/or useful, include artificial rapid-eye-movement sleep, 5-minute Laughing Meditation, get the lead out (and other toxic heavy metals) (a chelation suggestion), Kinesiology and touch for wellbeing, electronics and herbs found to improve wellness, the Artist's Way process, enjoying nature, and tantric-like interpersonal energy recycling. And a note of interpersonal wisdom from the 1600's: Desiderata.

A cluster of items on balancing the Jungian-type functions of a person

 So perhaps among these things I've found especially helpful for rest, recreation and rejuvenation, others might thereby find their own quicker.

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Vignettes I've written about these things

Artificial REM Sleep

Artificial REM Sleep is a form of deliberate conscious REM (Rapid Eye Movement) dream-sleep brain relief meditation activity. I've practiced it very many times in the past 25 years since I originally developed the technique, in desperation back then due to my long-term sleep deprivation from life's streses. It can be done anytime one can close one's eyes safely, even for a few seconds.

Imitating real REM sleep, for real sleep-like relief, one merely closes the eyes, deliberately urging the closed eyes to make small random quivering motions under the eyelids, that is all there is to doing it.

Such small random movements can be even exended to any small muscle groups or even the sensation of quivering randomly inside the head brain structure, always consciously deliberately doing the process and guiding it, aware of ongoing external events or timing to determine how long it is safe to do the process.

Doing the artificial REM sleep process always brings me immediate stress relief, especially when sleep deprivation is ongoing.

More on "Artificial rapid-eye-movement sleep"

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"5-Minute Laughing Meditation"

The "5-Minute Laughing Meditation" early practice I did, after reading about how to do it, was awkward and sometimes somewhat embarrassing.  I tend to be a quiet and serious type of person, so it was not easy for me to do this deliberate loud laughter at first, and my early efforts to make "laughing sounds" resulted in some strange noises. The book had cautioned to do it out of earshot of others, unless one had first invited them to do it with you; yet strangely, people would sometimes burst in upon me and stare, during my early practice times, while I was noisily practicing deliberate laughter-like sounds awkwardly. Anyway, the instructions for the "5-Minute Laughing Meditation" said that this activity was useful in one's health, citing the particularly well-known Norman Cousins' example. The book suggested it was an energizing way to start one's day, doing this 5-minute laughing meditation, and I have found this true.

First, find a place where one can stand up while making loud noise, out of the critical earshot of others. Then, make deliberate laugh-like sounds outloud such as " ha ha ha ha" or "ho ho ho ho", while placing one's hand on the lower abdomen to be aware of deep breathing and exhalations from deep within while making the deliberate laugh sounds. A timer helps keep track of the 5 minutes to continuously do this Laughing Meditation.

Here, so as to be aware of the breath, one merely holds one's lower abdomen (or place palm of the hand over the navel), while deliberately breathing deeply then exhaling while making laughing-like sounds outloud, doing this continuously for five minutes (a clock countdown timer helps keep track of the time while doing it.)

The goal is to be doing an easy belly-laugh at nothing in particular, just laughing for the joy of laughing and meditating on what it feels like in doing so, for 5 minutes continuously. The purpose is to energize and deeply heal oneself.

I felt better each time I did this (despite the peculiar reactions from others hearing me.) Starting my day off by doing 5 minutes of the "Laughing Meditation" does indeed give the day a boost, has been my results. For a mere 5-minute investment, it has one of the highest returns, I have found.

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