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Work Information

The work designing technological concepts and scenarios, represented on these web pages, KESTS to GEO a major theme, is done as a "volunteer" personal effort, since he believes it is a task very necessary to be done for civilization, and no one else is doing it, so he does it as best as he can in support of civilization. Currently is in involuntary semi-retirement, waiting for some gainful employment to appear for him, see resume, normally works as an electronics engineering supertech.

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Favorite Links

NASA SP-413 Space Settlement http://lifesci3.arc.nasa.gov/SpaceSettlement/75SummerStudy/Table_of_Contents1.htm -- Mathematica, Wolfram math help http://www.mathworld.wolfram.com

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Contact Information

E-mail addresses: jedcline@kestsgeo.com -- jedcline@appleisp.net -- jedcline@earthlink.net

Web addresses: http://www.kestsgeo.com -- http://home.earthlink.net/~jedcline

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Current Projects

KESTS to GEO website and continued effort on advanced space transportation systems conceptual development, and a ground commute technology concept development-- earthlink.net/~jedcline website -- volunteer work at Los Angeles County Natural History Museum -- electrowellbeing research

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Biographical Information

James Edward David Cline, currently still unmarried (ex-wife is happily remarried in Puget Sound area), lives in Los Angeles area. An only child of depression era Civil Service workers, family traveled extensively and he was in and out of many schools throughout the country and one in Mexico City while growing up. Graduated from Gallup Sr High School 1954 with 4 majors, with the high functionality of one with Asperger's Syndrome and its urge to intensely focus on some subject of interest, also read a book a day in addition to his high school studies, mostly books in the sciences and philosophy and every Science Fiction book and magazine that could be found. Had two options for college: Boulder, Colorado or Las Cruces NM: NMA&M (now NMSU) where one with a Physics major could work his way through college by working as a co-op student at White Sands Proving Grounds (now White Sands Missile Range). His dream of space travel got closer by thoughts of working with the rocket testing at White Sands, and a heavy study schedule was begun as a Physics major. With a psychetype of INFP there was a trendency to set standards too high, and he was driven to learn for knowledge's sake, not for grades or degree, thiniking that he would eventually learn all knowledge, and physics was the beginning, to be followed by chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, economics and so on, he reasoned as he headed for college. The summer after graduation from High School he fell in love with a young woman who he did not realize was merely being entertained by him, instead of being comitted to being his lifelong mate as he thought. After starting college, she would not see him when he drove the 300 miles back home each weekend to be with her, and eventually reality began to set in, a crushing defeat for him in first semester college; he was further slam-dunked by extreme Tinnitus (a loud cacophony of ringing and clanging sounds ongoing constantly, quite distracting to studies and everyghing else) occuring in both sides of hearing in Freshman year, this coupled with low funds and lack of a girlfriend caused him to shift to Psychology major for one semester then drop out of college (NMSU at that time had 12 men for every woman attending) to go find a wife, did not return to college, but continued with his lifelong self-education. After failing to have even one date in 3 months in Washington DC (where he went after hearing it had mor single wimen per capita than anywhere else) working as a Museum Technician for the Smithsonian, he returned to the southwest, where he went to work for the FAA in southern california, where he became married for 12 years to a high society Malibu girl, then she left for greener pastures quite successfully, leaving Jim quite destitute, took a decade to recover mostly. Three grown children, all doing well in life. Psychetype MBTI is INFP, Temperament is "Idealist", which indicates that relationshps are top importance and he is a "behind-the-scenes support type person", but with many symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome (general unawareness of social cues and situational implications) focuses on relationship with a woman, currently lacks a mate as is chronic for his life (currently is sometimes an "extra" to an open couple). Has donated 12 gallons of blood so far, most of it to ARC. Despite his failure to finish college he has testified before the National Commission on Space for the future space program, and has had three scientific papers published in the space transportation field, one by Space Studies Institute and two by the American Society of Civil Engineers as part of space conference proceedings; each of these papers was done on his own not as part of employment (since a lack of degree prevents him from getting a paid job doing such work.) Copes fairly well in life despite endless severe Tinnitus and Asperger's Syndrome.

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Personal Interests

Besides dreaming and writing about KESTS to GEO and other space projects-to-be, Jim enjoys self-health, particularly nutritional supplements (especially since is a poor cook) and doing self research on electrical wellbeing (such as re the loud Tinnitus), using commercial and personally designed and built electrohealing signal generators, and finds them quite promising for the future health of people.

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