Come, explore a potential way we can fully reach and utilize high Earth Orbit, for our upcoming needs and good life for all.

The common escalator, that is far more useful to store customers than are elevators, since they run continuously as well as make easy movement up one floor. This enables useful creation of a higher floor above the main floor, without increase of the land area occupied. By analogy, KESTS to GEO, or "Space Escalator Carousel" transportation structures would provide continuous lifting from ground to GEO, electrically powered, which thereby could enable useful creation of a huge expansion of civilization into the immense circumference of GEO, 22,300 miles above the earth's equator, all around the planet.

Many play area structures are inflated structures, such as the one pictured above. They have their weight supported by air pressure enegy stored within themselves, and are stiffened similarly, as defined by the constraining surface shape. Similarly, KESTS to GEO would have its weight supported and stiffened by kinetic energy stored within itself, shape as defined by the hoop structure.

Science Fiction, some would call this whole concept. However, I have made attempts to actually write some science fiction about KESTS to GEO. They both are WIP, as is this whole website; but a bit moreso. The Novelway Prototype Shop is in the form of an online blog, occasionally getting some additions made, and includes the Spacetrains are for Peacetime as part. The Ark of 1984's Future also is a section of the Novelway overal time span (and was written as part of the NanoWriter effort in 2006, suceeding in writing a 50,000-word novel during the 30 days of November.?)


Jim Cline