Come, explore a potential way we can fully reach and utilize high Earth Orbit, for our upcoming needs and good life for all.

Online copies of my technical conference presentations and papers

Although the major formal technical papers are published as copyrighted conference proceedings by the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), as listed at bottom, there have been other papers presented at conferences which were not published or which were published under dual-copyright terms; and some of the conference presentations also are available on this site as linked here. Listed in chronological order; you might want to go direct to Carousel Spacecraft Electrical Lift Around the Earth Up To GEO

  • Co-copyrighted papers on kinetically supported transportation structures, presented at the Space Exploration and Science 2005 conference
  • Presentations on kinetically supported transportation structures
  • And here are the published, but copyrighted by publisher, papers:
    • Cline, J.E. David, Treehouse Haven, Meditation Magazine, 1989
    • Cline, James E. D., Kinetically Strengthened Transportation Structures, Space 2000 Conference Proceedings, ASCE, 2000
    • Cline, James E. D., Kinetically Supported Bridge Vehicle Lift To GEO, Space 2002 Conference Proceedings, ASCE, 2002, pp. 8-21
    • Cline, James E. D. Energy Flow in Kinetically Strengthened Transportation Structure Systems to Space., Earth & Space 2004 Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments" Conference Proceedings, ASCE, 2004, pp. 859-866. ISBN 0-7844-0722-3

    Note: the definitive work is the above-mentioned 2002 paper, Kinetically Supported Bridge Vehicle Lift To GEO.

    Copyright © 2005 James E. D. Cline