Come, explore a potential way we can fully reach and utilize high Earth Orbit, for our upcoming needs and good life for all.

When we think of a "Space Elevator" we usually think of an Earth-anchored tether space elevator; yet another kind of ground to GEO access "Space Escalator" structure is also conceivable.

Consider a structure that fully encircles the Earth and is whirling around the planet so fast that its outward centrifugal force counterbalances the weight of the parts of the structure that are not whirling. Its path would resemble an orbital transfer trajectory ellipse between earth surface on the equator, up around to a high point above the opposite side of the planet at GEO altitude. Some of the kinetic energy of that circulating high velocity mass stream that is moving upward, could be used via electrodynamic braking upward to lift the vehicles up the structure to GEO. All electric, this transportation technique could eventually be sustained by some of the SPS electrical power it enables built in GEO.

Here are insights about this new kind of potential way to access high earth orbit -- suggesting highly improved feasability potential for economically lifting the materials to GEO for building the long-envisioned solar-sourced Satellite Power Stations, also facilities for true solar-powered total recycling of toxic materials -- both of these are top-quality resources, large scale negative-entropy inputs for intelligent expansion of civilization: sources of pure solar-electric energy to power worldwide civilization cleanly; and solar powered total-recycler capability in GEO, converting our toxic wastes into pure forms for clean re-use, instead of just juggling existing resources entropically around as usual -- also, high GEO facilities for Mars & asteroid large scale expedition staging areas; even could build ice-passively shielded Stanford-Torus type cities there in GEO with this new transportation capability. Instead of rocketry's reaction motor principles, this is based on electric motor electrodynamics and kinetic exchanges in a planet-encircling transportation sturcture. Bear in mind, however, the ongoing reality is that the business-political climate presently is in no mood whatsoever for this sort of thing, because (in part) that it would be disruptive of business-as-usual even in aerospace for a couple of decades. A courageous people peacefully wisely responsible for their future could have perhaps made this huge opportunity happen. However, you can be exploring this in your imagination. Have fun! Click on the image above, pick from the index above, or go direct to its principles. Or look at the cluster form of index; remember, this is ever a Work In Progress.

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