cluster in inkscape


cluster in inkscape


Cluster in Inkscape

Now for the vignett'e writing. Time now is 13: 08 hrs 20080203. Writing for how many minutes, maybe it was 8 minutes for the text here. 

This is looking hopefull for a way to compose a Cluster Diagram Vignette, much as per Gabrielle Ricco's original teachings in her book, "Writing the Natural Way". Doing the hand drawn and hand written vignettes have been a high point in my activities for a long time, maybe a couple of decades by now? It took me much longer to do the above cluster diagram than if by hand, but it is certainly a lot neater lookingand legible. The dashed ellipses were already default as opened, maybe an interesting addition; dotting the connector lines and making them arrows would be more consistent with Gabrielle's process, I think. Can this method be considered useful as was the hand-drawn and writtenversion has been?

The key parts, as I wrote in my Morning Pages this morning, might be identified as 

1) selecting the "nuclear word" as she calles the central word; circle it with an ellipse

2) free-associating to evoke a related word or phrase; circle it with an ellipse

3) connect the nuclear word's ellipse to the newly added associated word phrase with a straight line, maybe an arrow toward the new one;

4) iterate the addition of evoked free associated word phrases, one at a time, and encircle each one as done and connect to nuclear word;

5) continue randomly filling in the space with added circled associations, untill a feling of having something to write occurs;6) Shift to writing test below the cluster diagram, creatively writing a vignette with title same as nuclear word of cluster diagram'7) Write for maybe 8 minutes, filling in lower 2/3 page handwritten, and make last senctence of vignette relate to first sentence above.

Today I thought of an addition to see if useful: create a pair of these diagrams plus their vignettes, related as to an internal experience , the other to what seems to be the experience of environs to me same time. For example, left-hand vignette re "my inner experience shopping and church social in ephrata", and right side vignette "based on encountered peoples reactions to me, what their belief must be re me."

By James E. D. Cline

20080203, now 1327 hr

Copyright © 2008 James E. D. Cline. Permission granted to reproduce providing inclusion of a link back to this site and acknowledgment of the author and concept designer James E. D. Cline.