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grok the whole


sequential analysis


physical action


manager and worker

seeing being both

combined roles

Employer and employee

Employer and/or employee

Employer or employee


what happens?

Manage and work

Employer and/or employee

Imagine a situation where each person is both an employee and an employer. What would happen? The prevailing reality here in America is that any given individual is either an employer or an employee. Not both. Employer is top dog; employee is subservient underdog. Yet, there is precedent to the idea of each person being both an employee and an employer: recall the old story of the boss who reprimands the worker who goes home and shouts at his wife who gripes at her children who kick the dog which barks at the cat.... So being stuck in the role of an employee begging for a job to pay the bills so as to be able to continue to exist, could change to ... something else. each person would wear both the hat of an employer and an employee, a boss and a worker. This seems actually compatible with the concept of the social hierarchy, the glorified pecking order that runs our world.  Well, hypothetically so, anyway, at this point, with a cup of wine under the belt to fortify oneself. Yet at the start of this was the impression of a light at the end of the tunnel, a way out of lost in the caves. What happens at every level in the hierarchy of people's doings each person is both an employee and an employer? Somehow the upsmanship  of boss-subservient might somehow become balanced to an equal level. Wow, does that make the whole hierarchy pyramid become a horizontal line? Dreamer. More wine, please. No way are the bully-boys going to relinquish their hard-earned upsmanship position that bottom-lines into attractiveness to women seeking supportive procreator. The vision is lost; no way will the crab-potting be overcome, humanity remains its own captor. And yet, there is that glimmer of the idea of the employe and employee trading places, back and forth.... what would happen to productivity? Are the skill sets adequately doable by both? Are the skill sets genetically determined? I doubt that. If the pendulum back and forth of who is employer and who is employee is to work consistently, the system has to enable both to do both roles, in sequence. And thus deeply understanding the role of the other, they would have the opportunity to cooperatively maximize their productivity. But can the bully be fully tamed into being a loving citizen, I doubt. Yet, the experiment would have to be made to fulfill the real precepts of the scientific method of having no opinion until actually doing the appropriate reality testing. And similarly, will the underling be willing and able to take on the awareness of the larger tasks and push things to make it all happen to fall into place? To be both employee and employer would mean a more aware, responsible mode of life.

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