A 9-table stimulated matrix vignette by J E D Cline on Sunday, March 2, 2008 2:34:44 PM US/Pacific




grok the whole


sequential analysis


physical action


who I am

what might happen


where it is in big picture



what is mine

make it go

what to do


What is "knowing"? Hmm, that has to do with having some thoughts come up when observing something, thoughts of similar things, related possibly by many kinds of ways.  Knowing is what provides a context for what is perceived in front of me. A chair might be there for me to sit upon, for example. But I might also know that specific chair looks broken and unsafe to sit upon before it is repaired; or that it is someone else's chair, not for me to sit upon. It is said that "knowledge is power" and indeed was declared my high school class's motto upon graduation; yet knowing is far far more than that. Knowledge can provide the next steps for making something go, like activating the starter in a car before driving away in the car. Knowing who I am is more complicated by far, and maybe always needs a definer of the arena context of which to describe who I am, such as right now I am a typist on a computer. But in the past I have been such things as a Design/Development Electronics Engineer even though not degreed; and I have been a bridge builder and lover to woman some 4,000 times but not at all for far too many recent years. So it goes, who I know I am. Knowing what might happen if something is done or seen about to happen, provides an imagined vision which predicts possible courses of events from which I can pick and choose my physical action response, hoping for optimum outcome thereby. Knowing involves recognition of things, including relational aspects, such as knowing that this keyboard and associated computer belongs to me. It appears that knowing what is "knowing" is like squaring a quantity, or maybe instead is like looking in a mirror.

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