A 9-table stimulated matrix vignette titled THE CONNECTIONS by J E D Cline on Sunday, March 9, 2008 1:22:45 PM US/Pacific




grok the whole


sequential analysis


physical action


being that which unifies

connections that could be

is knowledge



seeking specificity

electrical connectors

paths to needed items



An insight I had while at church this morning seemed profound at the moment, that the search and communication of knowledge is all about searching for the connections among all that is. One type of connections set is that of language, alphabets, symbolism, establishing the connections in subsequent generations so as to be able to digest the strings of words and images that symbolically communicate the patterns of connections that have been identified, discovered, in the world by those who came before them. Accumulated knowledge itself might be simply described as the determined connections. Knowledge of the paths that are from here to the nearest safe watering holes to slake one's thirst, for example. The paths do not exist in the thirsty person's mind, but the symbolic representation that stands in for what is experienced when following such paths, is indeed in the mind. How to make new connections, such as how to lace a sharpened stone onto the end of a strong stick to make a stone hatchet, or how to located colored wires to specific labeled terminals on an electrical connector, provide the patterns of connections that could be; and having done them, then the patterns of new connections in the physical world that have created new items that did not exist before and now can be themselves involved in the making of even more new connections in life, such as the chopping of wood with the stone axe or the using of the electrical connector on a spacecraft to be launched into deep space. The design formed by a set of connections shows the big picture, and seeking out some specific path from one place to another in that design of connections forms a specificity of how to start here and get there, assembly instructions or the results of scouting out something. It is said the the left side of the human brain performs the cognitive function of analysis of specificity, while the right side of the brain is involved with the whole patterns and their larger patterns of relationship. Like, two different kinds of cognitive engines, in the same head and involved with the same world of sensory impressions, each side doing their own thing processing, and to some extent sharing info with the other side's processor, in that description.The Corpus Callossum is the neural structure which provides the bridges between the two cognitive processors. A related neural structure is taking of visual and auditory input and dividing it up through two filters, one selects out the "what" part of the input, while the other side filters out the "where" of it. Clearly the brain has to get them back together into a connected whole somehow and maybe that is key to how the larger higher cerebral processes work overall. The connections are that which unifies, and perhaps just as the alphabetic letter "A" has a connectivity with all other "A"s in the universe, so also perhaps all similar other patterns are connected with all others of its kind in the universe, such as a DNA sample can describe a species and even a specific individual of the species, all parts of that individual. A very complex and very specific pattern, such as a person's DNA can be viewed as the complexity of the pattern, and it can also be viewed as a very unique single item, one of a kind. So parts of a unique pattern can be themselves members of more widespread unique complex patterns, such as the Adenosine molecule. Are all Adenosine molecules connected throughout the universe in some way? How about all of them in a specific physical group such as a human's body? And if they are connected, in what way do they communicate, what forms are those connections? Shake one Adenosine molecule and do all others shake a little bit similarly? The random noise of all such shaking would be huge, yet somehow when they are all correllated within some specific pattern such as a single person's DNA, all the randoms fade out and the summation of those in the DNA sample pattern are what is left that does not cancel out. Or so I guess, per reports of such things as surrogate testing, radionics and even voodoo stuff, more complex transmitters and receivers that are used in radio and television are more real to me, however. So what is the potential usefulness of the insight connecting knowledge with "the connections" ? Could all of knowledge be assembled into some big knee bone connected to the thigh bone grid of connections? Or maybe there could be some basic format for the stating of each chunk of knowledge consisting of the connectors. The connectors involve connecting to things, it seems; yet if this hypothetical description has as wide an application as I sense, the things themselves are describable as the connections comprising them. When stopping the detailing of connections for simplicity sake at any point, the bundle of undefined connectors would become the "thing" to which the connections of interest link.

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