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"Thinking" is one of the major parts of being human, surely. Yet what is "thinking"? Maybe it involves several kinds of activities, but the one most characteristic surely is that of "inner talk". I experience this as words which "I think to myself" such as "what shall I write next?" Just about all I do is referenced to such inner word strings.Yet also thinking involves inner pictures, imagined scenes. Maybe these are the so-called left and right brained modes of thinking. Are sensations such as proprioception inputs part of thinking? Maybe thinking is limited to a certain arena which is connected intimately with other arenas. Reading a fiction book story involves the written words getting transformed into inner-words which then stir up evoked images of action scenes. Watching a movie seems to have an external audio-visual series of experiences simulate the significant remembered parts of an imagined life area, as created by someone other than oneself. The "group mind" also may have links into an individual's thinking; this would enable coordination of team actions, but also would be channels for observing and making changes to someone else's "thinking" and thus their perceived life experience which would then affect their physical world action to some extent sometimes, probably. If the inner word chatter ever ongoing as one goes through daily life, is not totally isolated from the larger universe, then the two interact; and if so, is likely to be a means for those who insist on forcibly modifying other's activities, such as men trying to prevent other men from access to the females for reproduction, an ancient motive. Probably huge numbers of other things, too, of all kinds of motives. If it is a "secret" access technique, then it could be used to rivalrous advantage by those "in the know." Some mental chatter could thus be sourced from some other physical body, maybe even that of a competitor. Discovering the many aspects of being human seems to be a lifelong process, even that which is so familiar as the experience of "thinking."

By J E D Cline on 20080224 Ephrata, WA 98823-1713

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