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What is a thought? Is it a chunk of something, and/or a highlighted part of a past-going flow of words and images? The tying together of words and images, and sensory input might be a thought, each tying together being a "thought." There seems to be an intrinsic associated part of same process that consists of the assignment of value to the thought, such as "does it require immediate physical action?" Or, a value of "scary, dangerous." This value assignment seems just out of sight of the actual thought itself, yet an essential part of something of which thinking is part of. A value might be "beautiful" or "ugly." Lots of kinds of "values". The value is part or all of "significance" of the thought, and that significance-designation-value is involved in selecting the next thought. Thinking may be tied to several kinds of attention-focii. And yes, attention" seems intimately connected with thought and value. Not sure where one begins and the other ends, it is all merged into an amoeba like thing, writhing and heading out somewhere, grabbing and munching, expelling. So thinking might be seen as an ongoing stream of words and images and physical sensations tied into associated significances with their amplitude values of urgency which is inputting to the attention factor. Thus a thought seems not to exist in an isolated place, but is an arm-in-arm linking of the up-front offerings from several other "watching" sources which might be labeled "value" consisting of attention, significance, and urgency. If the product of thinking is stored such as in one's daily mental list of things to do, the storage might be viewed as fist-fulls of associated words, images, sensations, significance, attention, and urgency. These might be later modified as to urgency, although what would do the modifying is unclear to me right now, and might even include manipulation by other people without my agreement or even cognizance. Thus something I have on my mental list of to-dos of the day, might get changed from 'very urgent" to "zero urgency" and thus it would not get done by me by day's end. Such an external tool as used by competitors or other behavior modification entities, could be quite a disruptor of people's lives. There is a saying often encountered in recent decades that "thoughts are things" which seems to imply something, although I still puzzle about what that might be. A "thing" may imply existence as an "object" that can be possessed and maybe even transfered to another's possession. Why bother with the saying that "thoughts are things?" It seemed quite important to people, that statement. Seemed to suggest significance of having a substantiality greater than mere movie images flashed on a movie screen, but actually a real something physically. Clearly, I still have much to learn about what a thought is.

By J E D Cline on 20080224 Ephrata Wa 98823-1713

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