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Trip to Princeton, NJ, in 1995, Space Studies Institute's 1995 Space conference, to present my first published technical paper, "Wet-Launch of Prefab Habitat Modules"

JEDC SSI bk publ WLPFM paper.jpg

Here I hold the book in which I got my first technical paper published, the Space Studies Institute AIAA-published 1995 conference proceedings. Location of photo at my mother and stepfather's condo in Hemet, CA.


  • CentriStation, an efficient, low-risk space station for Low Earth Orbit for 200 to 1,000 people, built of prefab segments designed to be their own fuel tanks during launches

When I originally thought of this idea, I called it "The Centristation", short for "Centrifugal Space Station" and wrote it up as files I put on the GEnie computer network, before the internet became available to the public. When professional space conferences began to open up to anyone who had a good idea despite their academic or employment status, a paper I submitted to the Space Studies Institute was accepted and printed in their 1995 conference proceedings. Part of that effort was that I had to personally present my concept to the SSI conference held at Princeton University in New Jersey. It was a learnign experience for me as I had never even been to such a conference. I did not know that one was to have viewgraph transparencies for use during the presentation, for example. Yet my paper was in line with the interests of the Space Studies Institute to be formally published. I took many photos along the way, and I hope to get them scanned in and added here later; but for now, here is what is available. For the technical paper itself (Cline, J. E. David. “Wet Launch of Prefab Habitat Modules.” Space Manufacturing 10, Path-ways to the High Frontier, SSI, AIAA, 1995, 88-91) and earlier files on the subject.

And for an online science fiction novel I wrote describing the building of such a space station, please enjoy my sci fi novel "Building Up," 


The two above photos are on Princeton campus where I presented my technical paper  in 1995 "Wet Launch of Prefab habitat Modules" published in the Space Studies Institute 1995 conference proceedings. These are photos of photos.


Here is a photo of a photo taken of me with my camera by one of the other attendees at the conference who offered to help. See the composite photo several photos down for an interesting variation on this.


Photos from the airplane on the way back, on the left is canyon area and on right is LAX as we were landing there.


The next issue of the Space Studies Institute's bulletin had a picture that interestingly was taken at the same time my photo was being taken during a wine and cheese session where one of the displays was on a Field Robotics Center. The photo above, a bit extended to the right, is made by having my own color photo laid near the part of the bulletins expanded photo, which makes it easy to see the same moment from the two different viewpoints, kind of a unique photo, I think.

  • IM008339.JPG

Many years later, after I had several more technical papers presented and published, I lined up the books on my desk and took a self photo;  the conference proceedings of the 1995 Space Studies Institute is the left-most book shown in the above photo, the greenish book cover with space suited person on it, where my Centristation concept paper was published, titled "Wet Launch of Prefab Habitat Modules."

Here are some photos of the cover of the book and the pages with my article starting on p.88:





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