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Vacation trips in 2003

A trip to Dia's, photo start immediately below here.

Further down, look for linked text titles, which go to more of that subject; includes other 2003 vacation trips I made.


Headed across the desert again


Earth surface railway across the desert

BeethovenPumporganrestore  Finally bringing the old Beethoven pump organ back to life again.


At White Sands Nat. Mon. sand dunes for full moon event


Trip2003DiaHikeOM  A hike into the Organ Mountains' east side


Trip200308PDC A visit with Paul and his family in the Seattle area revolves around food and computers


Trip2003PDC A trip by AMTRAK to Seattle area to visit with Paul, Bryce, family there.


Trip2003Dia Last trip of 2003, again in New Mexico.

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