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Baby photo back and front of my mother, Ethelyne, as a 6 month old baby.


High School Graduation photo of my mother, Ethelyne


These three photos are of my mother, Ethelyne, age 6 months.


The above two photos are of my mother, Ethelyne, and her little sister Cleone, who is now helping with these pictures on this project from far away, now lots of years older and wiser.


Here is my mother, Ethelyne in her High School graduation photo, 1930.

SweetAdelines 19720115 efc RB-2.jpg

One of my mother Ethelyne's favorite activities was to sing with the "Sweet Adelines" group, in Albuquerque, NM. Here she is in January 1972, is front row second from right end of group sitting on floor.


Above are Mila Allen and Ethelyne Cline, posing before a Sweet Adelines show in 1984, showing height contrast; Ethelyne (my mother) sang bass, further making it interesting photo.


My parents, Ethelyne and Milford Cline, circa 1977


Ethelyne and birthday cards.


My mother Ethelyne really enjoyed playing games such as this dice game, ever trying to get someone to play them with her, as I was doing at this time.


These are of Ethelyne in 1990's, in Hemet, re-married and living with her new husband, JBPeterson, on the left in the above photo taken at Furrs Cafeteria in hemet, CA, before she passed away.

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