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 MyEphratahome My home in Ephrata, WA

Background: After the part time job ended at NHMLAC, and none foreseen to replace it, which had been paying the high Los Angeles rent of my tiny apartment in Sunland, Paul managed to get me moved to a house up in his state area, something which could theoretically at least be barely affordable. He hoped to eventually get a job and move to Ephrata himself; and indeed he has done that since then. So here are some photos of my new home in Ephrata, Washington, USA.


In Sunland, CA, Paul and I are ready to roll with the U-Haul truck, the major part of my stuff to go. Was there really a bit more room to put a few more things in?


For now, skipping lots of steps to get to this point, here is my new home in the town of Ephrata, WA. It has been decades since I owned a home of my own. Well, me and the mortgager owns it; and thanks for the generous down payment loan from the kids. It is involving my adjusting from living out of my daypack, and having high speed internet access.


As an overall picture, above is a nice photo of front of my my home in Ephrata, WA, taken last January (2008). This is my second winter here.


Above is the backside of my house, showing the all-important "fiber box" which is the glass fiber communication cable by which am connected to the internet and telephone. It is the gray box with two knobs and connected by a cable to the AC power meter box.


Flowers left over from prior occupants of house sprung up here and there the previous summer, providing some cheery addition to the house yard then.


Much of last summer was used by doing repairs to the manifold of the automatic sprinkler system which had frozen and burst the first winter I was here, no one having told me of its existence nor of need to hire someone to "Blow out" the water from  the underground sprinklers before winter. 


This second winter here had more snow than previous winter; here I am after digging latest channel from front of my house to the sidewalk.


Here is a photo showing heaps of snow in my yard, from frequent digging out sidewalks and driveway.

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