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Volunteer Rose Parade Float decorating

Background: These photostories are intended to give a sense of what it is like to do volunteer work helping decorate Rose Parade floats. My friend Carol S. had been doing volunteer float decorating on the Glendale float for the Rose Parade for many years, and one year she invited me to come along and do some too. From then on I continued to help decorate the Glendale float each year, and eventually I became a "white coat" the last several years, signifying I was an expert of sorts, although I did not feel all that expert about some parts of float decorating. When I got my first digital camera, I got a few photos at the decoration site in the Rose Palace in Pasadena, and sometimes on subsequent years, some examples are shown in the pages linked below. Sometimes we also decorated the IHOP float too. The Phoenix Decorating Company was the builder of the underparts and all but the outer decoration of the floats, quite an artistic trade of diverse disciplines. The decorations themselves are quite special, as the entire outer surface has to be covered with vegetable matter per the parade rules. Thus the colors and texture are derived from the various vegetable sourced materials used. I became known for my expertise in use of sheets of seaweed on the floats, and taught many others how to do that; I also show how to do it in one of the pages linked below. I always thought it amusing that seaweed was selected for me to do since I was also volunteering in the field of marine biology at the NHM LAC. 

RPFloat20023 - December 2002 My 5th year decoratingfloats

RPFloat2003 - December 2003, the year our float won a parade trophy

RPFloat20045 - December 2004 my 8th year decorating floats

RPFloat20056 - December 2005 float decorating

RPFloat20067 - May 2006 Riding during road test of bare float for the 2006-2007 float

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