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A visit with Paul and his family in the Seattle area revolves around food and computers, August 2003.


A 1,200 mile lonely drive had many reminders that other people had partners; why can't I have a woman like others do?


Arriving at Paul's place, Thomas quickly takes on the "Putt-Putt at the Zoo" computer game, sent by my friend Carol for him.


Latest grandson Gregory takes on the guitar.


Delicious meals are too tempting.


I hold out my new HP camera and get a good photo of Paul, Gregory, and myself (JEDC).


Gregory enjoys (too much) a paper butterfly which I had given to Thomas.


Dusk brings more interesting coloration to the lush environment around the house.


Carol's pre-school computer game continues to bring in more attention.


The cat knows how to get attention, too. Amazing how he can get on my computer and lay down on it without typing anything.


Long awaited rain refreshes the front yard.


Another section of the sidewalk is poured. The gasoline powered cement mixer is the same one I borrowed for mixing the concrete in my Old Topanga Canyon home, including bridge abutments and repairs to the house after landslide damages. Here Thomas and Paul relax after a job well done.

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