bits and pieces of ideas


bits and pieces of ideas

Here is a listing of bits and pieces ideas that are involved in the larger concepts explored here in these pages. Even these are often composed of even smaller idea pieces that can stand as ideas in themselves, so these are sort of some middle ground among the ideas.

Most of these ideas are focused as applied to transportation, yet they also are tied into what could be enabled done if those transportation modes are made into physical reality.

Reference the author's philosophy of ideas, in which an effort is made to guestimate the newness of each idea. Mostly, the "new idea" part is that which is the part of the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Page name of idea

A descriptive name for it

added newness by the author

(see  philosophy of ideas )

First, some well-known general ideas:

Space transportation

means of moving about that includes some travel above the atmosphere

Earth orbit

GEO, Geostationary earth Orbit

Space station


Mass spectrometer

Reaction engine 

rocket motor

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