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My apartment on Doran in Glendale, CA

20020224 courtyard Doran apt.jpg

The courtyard of the large three story apartment building

20020224 JEDC in kitchenDoranApt.jpg

Me, inside the apartment's kitchen. Mi apartment was on the middle story.

20020227 JEDC iBook dolphins2.jpg

Photo illustrating my preparation of my ASCE Space 2002 conference paper, prepared on my iBook and showing symbols of the magnetic levitation rotator, the automatic dolphin spinner, and a model train. the oak top desk was made by my father, M D Cline, and is still in use at my home in Ephrata now, mostly as an electronics workbench, however.

20020227 sp2002VGiBkapt2.jpg

Another photo showing my Space 2002 paper;s preparation, with photo in background which includes my father at a place he worked long ago.



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