Photos of my father, Milford David Cline

See also photos in groups such as with his sister on page MDClineSibling and  with his parents and grandparents on page GrandparentsFatherside .


My father Milford David Cline, in 1928


M D Cline in 1939, I would have been age 2 at the time.


My dad and friends celebrating. Very rare to see him celebrating anything. But he did have cherished friends, lots of them, and this photo seems a bit up front in collection from my parents, hundreds more to go.. 


Another view of this overall souvenir photo of my dad, M D Cline with friends including Ed Colson, looks fairly lively, 1948 I think it must be.


Family Christmas card 1952-53 showing my parents and I, l to r: Milford David Cline; James E D Cline; Ethelyne Cline


My dad M D ("Jim") Cline at the Painted Desert in 1970


Left to right: My dad Milford Cline, Bryce, Char, Paul, JED Cline (me), and Dia,  in 1971 photo taken inside our home in Topanga, CA.


M. D.(Jim) Cline on piano bench at 2621 Virginia NE Albuquerque NM 87110 circa 1971

Of possible interest re this piano, see PianoTrip 


M D Cline walking on beach in 1971


The above is last photo I have of my dad, M D Cline; left to right: M D Cline, Ethelyne Cline; Bryce Cline (my father, my mother, and my youngest son)

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