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Introduction to purpose and general function of Mooncable project, which is a Lunar tether through L-1, made of Lunar fiberglass and carries a combined transportation and materials processing function on a one-way trip. Purpose is to supply massive amounts of Lunar materials to Earth markets and LEO.

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Inexpensive homes being constructed of superior structural materials made in free-fall vacuum from Lunar raw materials? A construction project in space to strongly challenge the ingenuity and daring of hard-working engineers, planting mankind's feet solidly in space?  Would you like to see this happen?  I offer an idea for your active support , with perhaps just such a potential.  Please read it thoughtfullywithout preconception.  It offers some chance for space exploration to commercially pay for itself from here on out.(...this idea has such great potential significance that too great a time delay may cause an inability of our technology to implement it in later years, or perhaps interest will have died too far by then.)

I am proposing a specialized space transportation system, intended primarily to bring large quantities of materials  from the Moon to the Earth, and from the Moon into a low(Earth orbit) gravitational level.

Examination of the concept shows it has some very interesting properties.  Elements of the idea are very old, the most basic comparable concept was used as long ago as when the first ape swung from one tree to another on a vine, to keep from having to climb down one and then climb up another.

A siphon has a more closely related characteristic, which transfers mass from a higher gravitational level to a lower gravitational level yet bringing it up through a higher gravitational level than either the starting or ending level.

Fundamentally, the transportation process converts the gravitational energy of a mass being accellerated by a gravitational field into electrical energy, which is then transfered across the gravitational hump, or saddle, which exists between the Moon and the Earth, and there the electrical energy is reconverted into gravitational energy by lifting mass there.  The spacial reference necessary for this process is provided by a tensile structure attached to the Moon and extending part way toward Earth.  The stress on this structure consists of the weight of its own mass, the weight of the electrical conductors, and the forces due to the live loads on the structure, all extending through a varying gravitational field....

     James Edward David Cline

     Written April 27-30, 1972

     Input to GEnie Spaceport July 07, 1988

The "Mooncable: Gravitational-Electric Siphon in Space" proposal will be uploaded to GEnie when condensed to a reasonable size.