InVolunteeryears My experiences of the NHMLAC itself during the 2000's, by Jim Cline

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Natural History Museum's Rotunda and Rose Garden fountain in the rain. 2002 11 08


Me (JEDC) out by the NHM's rotunda, the window of the place in which I do volunteer work is at ground level behind me, next to the exhaust fume hood.


All is not peaceful in the place, however, including at lunchtime. Much of the museum is designed to help bring back the memories of the life that was ongoing for the museum's specimens, once upon a time. This photo taken on .2002 11 08

20030703-24.jpg 20030703-25.jpg

A glance back at the museum front area facing Exposition Blvd, shows the temporary artwork, and the many arches formed by the water jets of the fountain, reminding me of the basic theory of the kinetically supported transportation structures which I believe can enable mankind to hugely expand civilization into nearby space in the near future, if we choose to do so instead of continuing to squabble over territory and dwindling resources as we have unfortunately nearly always done. Yet, surely I can hope and give the world another option via my conceptual designs. This view reminds me that we sometimes strive for the greater, and remember, with creative vision.

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