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Here I am in my former apartment in Sunland, CA, 

with 4 of the 5 books in which I have technical papers published,

sitting on my desk.

My photo stories

AtNHMLAC My experiences volunteering at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

AtBHM My experiences at Bolton Hall Museum as visitor, volunteer data entry, and docent

RoseparadeFloats My experiences doing volunteer work decorating Rose Parade floats

SpaceRelated Visits to space-related places and college I had attended

LAZooVisits Visits to the Los Angeles Zoo

PresentingPapers My experiences presenting my technical papers at space conferences

FamilyTrips Going on trips to visit family

MyEphratahome At my home in Ephrata, WA

In2007 JEDCline's photostories of events of 2007

In2008 JEDCline's photostories of events of 2008

MiscPhotos Miscellaneous photos

JedcResidences My residences over the years

OldPhotocomments My comments about old photos

MDCline1973tripTujunga Pictures from my parent's 1973 trip to visit me

OldFamilyPhotos Includes old family photos 

Latest update by JEDCline on 20080330.

And special thanks to these folks, participating from afar in this photo story effort:


In this picture --left to right-- Cleone, Ethelyne, Carolyn, Reid (blonde hair) Erv, Brent (red hair) 

-- as identified by my aunt Cleone, learning to use computer at age 95 now.

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