The first time I presented this as a paper ready for publication it was not actually accepted and was not included in the conference proceedings, unfortunatly. I have photos of that trip and the paper itself will eventually be accessed from here, Meantime the paper description itself is linked here: "KINETIC ENERGY SUPPORTED ELECTRICALLY POWERED TRANSPORTATION STRUCTURES"


After again getting rejected by SSI re my KESTS to GEO concept paper revised for their 1999 conference, although I was invited to do a poster session on it during the conference, the cost and struggle was too much for me to try again.

Meantime I was connecting with the American Society of Civil Engineers conference whihc had invited me to submit an abstract for their 1998 conference but it was rejected. Again submitting an abstract for the ASCE 2000 Space conference, it was accepted and resulted in my first formally published peer reviewed paper on my KESTS to GEO space transportation and application concept.

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MYasceSpace2000paper Above here is a photo taken by my daughter Dia after I had successfully presented my first accepted paper on the subject, published in ASCE's "Space 2000" conference proceedings. Here I wear my formal suit, holding my paper in my right hand, wearing my conference badge, and holding the conference proceedings in my left hand. Finally success, after first telling the world via the GEnie network about the first basics of the concept in 1988, a dozen years earlier.

MyAsceSpace2002Paper My next technical paper which I presented on the KESTS to GEO  subject was at the ASCE 2002 space conference, also held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


ASCE2004Dia for the trip photos and some while at the conference.


SES2005tripDia for the trip photos and some while at the conference.

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  • Many years later, after I had several more technical papers presented and published, I lined up the books on my desk and took a self photo; here, the conference proceedings of teh 1995 Space Studies Institute is the left-most book shown in the above photo, the greenish book cover with space suited person on it.

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