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      At Invertebrate Paleontology, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

          Museum's related site: http://ip.nhm.org 


Driving to and from the LACNHM tasks, I get treated to views of downtown Los Angeles each time.

At Invertebrate Paleontology offsite facility, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


Jim at the small diamond saw fossil coral cutte, at Natural History Museum's offsite Invertebrate Paleontology facility. Photo on November 7, 2002 (2002 11 07)


There are lots of kinds of invertebrate fossils!


The small diamond saw rock cutter.


The large diamond blade saw sometimes takes complex support for holding a specimen. 2002 11 07


The small saw and a fossil being cut. 2002 11 07


JEDC and some of the fossil coral specimens he has cut with the diamond saws. 2002 11 07


The Thin Section lab equipment for sawing and grinding specimens glued onto glass slides, for microscope viewing of coral growth rings, for part of Ken's research into ancient seasonal changes. As another contribution, at home I work on a description of how to make thin sections, in html, which can be seen here:



For coffee breaks I make coffee in the French Press that Dia gave me years ago.


At times I help pitch in on the White Collection of fossil seashells, counting and putting them in vials, and logging the lot data into the database; here in May 2005.


A better view of the above tray of specimens being set up and documented.

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