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Visit to NMSU in 2002

BACKGROUND: In November 2002 I visited my old campus at New Mexico State University, to see what it has become. After graduating from High School with 4 majors, and after a summer in dating at long last and believing she was to be my lifetime mate, I entered NMA&MA, as it was called then, as a Physics major and ready to learn all knowledge, paying my way by working 6 months of the year at White Sands Proving ground, as it was called then as a coop student, working in radio telemetry during the testing of rockets.  Entrance testing showed I knew more chemistry than those who had already taken college chemistry, so I did not get to do college chemistry, a subject I also wanted to learn all there was to know about; and I was put in the English Honors course, despite my dislike for the choice of material deemed valuable to upper-crust language students, which I was not. It took me a long time to discover the reality that my girlfriend had totally dumped me and probably never intended a serious relationship with me; meantime in the growing despair and subsisting on wheat gluten foods which were not tolerated by my digestive system, and getting a severe case of Tinnitus in both ears in the Freshman year (which has never gone away, note) which made it nearly impossible to hear the class lectures nor remember much of what was said, and unable to find a new woman to date on the campus which had 12 men for every woman student, struggling here during the years 1954 to 1959 eventually became a dropout, having changed my major to Psychology in the last effort before leaving college to find a wife, then I would see if I could return to college; of course that did not happen as my wife merely considered me a means of easy income for her, no need to spend any money on me; I was desperate for a wife, and few women would consider someone so socially inept as I was. 

So this visit, accompanied by my daughter Dia who now lived in the nearby town with her husband and children, meant more to me than these few photos here imply. Hopefully in time I will again find the other photos and put them here; but for now this is a transfer over from an earlier set of online photos.

My daughter Dia then attended and graduated from this university.


Jim (me, J E D Cline) and the new dorm that is called Garcia Hall, as the old one was where I lived in 1954-1956. Photo taken on 2002 11 26 by Dia.


Dia and Justin at the Knowledge sculpture at NMSU. 2002 11 26


Dia and Justin at the Sundial in front of Hadley Administration building at NMSU. 2002 11 26


Goddard Engineering bldg at NMSU. Goddard, for whom this building was named, is considered the father of liquid fueled rocketry.

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