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This one is about the summer vacation trip to Paul & family's place, July 2005

Train trip Los Angeles to Seattle


Water fountain at Los Angeles Union Station celibrates the turning of a desert seaport city into an great oasis by massively importing freshwater from afar.


Pacific coast was calm although kelp beds and much driftwood on beaches told of changes.


Calmer lake waters in Oregon reflect.


Train arrives in Seattle


Paul is there at the station to take me to their mountain home.

At Paul & family's montain home.


Day One we split wood for the winter, using a gas powered hydrolic splitter borrowed from his Mom.


Last tree section to be split gets used for photo taking.


A view of their home as seen from an old growth stump at side of their front yard.

The next day we go on a picnic sponsored by Alaska Airlines and Disney.


As we prepare to leave, we see two deer in the driveway, so we wait until they return into the forest.


The picnic grounds has a spectacular view.


Play area inflated structure is an example of a structure supported by stored internal energy, as KESTS would be supported although by electrmagnetically coupled kinetic coherent circulating energy instead of the air pressure kinetic energy structural support technique used here.


Kids ride a minature circus train.


Thomas waves as he starts on a pony ride.


Gregory gets a high view from atop his Dad's shoulders.

Back at their mountain home again....


Gregory picks some Huckleberries growing alongside the driveway.


Bryce comes over to visit, dinner and movie.


A fine dinner for all of us.


I watch while Gregory and Thomas play Freddy the Fish on Gregory's computer.


Relaxing and admiring the new ant farm kit they all put together, ants are inside and moving around.


Preparing wheat-free Apple Crisp and ice cream dessert.


Paul, myself, and Bryce after a mid-week lunch at Qdoba Mexican restaurant near Paul's new workplace.


Some spectacular mountain scenery to the east of here.


Thomas, Paul, and Gregory frolicking in bonding after a day's work return home.


Thomas' study books.

Visit to Grand Coulee Dam, and Dry Falls, in eastern Washington state.


Bryce, Paul and myself at the Grand Coulee Dam visitor's viewing area. And yes, the camera is tilted, placed on cartop as best available location for the self-timer photo; note also the reflections of the "V" patterns of farside Dam structure seen in both the water below the Dam, and on the cartop surface.


Paul and Bryce pose at the Grand Coulee Dam.


View of immense Dry Falls cliffs far below, is interpreted by plaque, to help understand more of what is seen. Museum displays sometimes use the same technique, involving a real physical example together with a nearby plaque which interprets understanding of the item, using words and artwork to stimulate the imagination so as to overlay one's imagery onto the physical view to create a more comprehensive composite vision to stimulate greater interest.


Lichens growing on rock wall at Dry Falls, WA, visitors viewing area. These lifeforms which are interface between the inorganic rock world and sunshine and moisture traces, are where exists lots of sun, low rainfall, some humidity from nearby riverwater.


Chain links both decorating and guarding as part of rock wall separating visitors parking area and deep precipice at Dry Falls, WA. Photo using pocket magnifier in front of my HP320 camer's lens for closeup, as also used in Lichen photo above.

Rest of trip, including train trip back to Los Angeles, CA.


Life often is around the dining table, family time here; sometimes computer outpost too.


Headed back on Amtrak train, bridges continue to be a big interest of mine; here, new pylons are being built for a new bridge, bigger and more earthquaike resistant.


This photo shows the train curving onto land from bridge.


Equipment for building new tracks is interesting.


Back at Union Station in Los Angeles in wee hours of the morning, the water fountain which started this series of photos, takes on a different look.


My first task is to feed and water pets and houseplants at friends' condo, they are gone on vacation too now.


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