PresentingPapers My experiences presenting my technical papers at space conferences

BACKGROUND: A fascination I had since a small child was space adventures. I read about them in comic books, made models of them out of modeling clay and balsa wood, read science fiction novels and all technical information I could find. I began my work coop program at White Sands Missile Range when I entered college at New Mexico State University, working in radio telemetry; much later I worked as a contract electronic technician at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a year and a half, helping develop a spacecraft camera system. I worked at Orbital Science Corp at the end of my electronics career, involved with test procedure preparation of the International Space Station gas analyzer spare parts program. But most of all, I maintained the urge to find a way for mankind to really access space in an efficient, wholesome way. I wrote of my ideas to NASA, testified before the National Space commission regarding my thoughts for the future of America's space program, told of my ideas in the RAND survey, and wrote technical papers on space transportation and utilization that were peer-reviewed, I presented them at space conferences, often enduring long trips and various struggles to do so, and finally I wrote science fiction stories involving usage of my ideas in transportation.

As I prepare these pages for the web, most of the photos are still difficult to find. So I will list what I have for now, in a chronological order here, and fill in with the photostories as the photos become available.

  • TestimonyNCS Despite fearing public speaking, I testified before the National Commission on Space in 1985 
  • LunarSpaceElevator The Mooncable: Gravitational Electric Siphon in Space
  • CentriStation, an efficient, low-risk space station for Low Earth Orbit for 200 to 1,000 people, built of prefab segments designed to be their own fuel tanks during launches
  • Space Escalators Kinetic Energy Supported Transportation Structures to Geostationary Earth Orbit
  • EarthSpaceElevator Re-visiting the classical anchored tether earth space elevator concept

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Many years later, after I had several  technical papers presented and published, I lined up the books on my desk in my tiny apartment in Sunland, CA, and took a self photo; here, the conference proceedings of the 1995 Space Studies Institute is the left-most book shown in the above photo, the greenish book cover with space suited person on it, where my Centristation concept paper was published, titled "Wet Launch of Prefab Habitat Modules." Next to the right, is the book in which my first published paper on my KESTS to GEO concept was published, the American Society of Civil Engineer's Space 200 conference proceedings. And similarly more papers I presented for the ASCE space conferences in 2002 and 2004.

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