Sci fi re religion on another planet

The missionaries had been scouting the new planet for some time already, observing the existing situation on the planet. This planet appeared a little blurry, and they found that everything on the planet was covered by a kind of blurry paint, inside and outside, that did not quite match the physical part to which it was attached.

These missionaries were bearing the good news of their God to all planets they could find, telling of the Creator of the great universe and wonders of God's making including the technology that moved their spacecraft.

There was a standard procedure for making contact with new beings on far away planets, easing in and spreading the Good News to all beings. First they needed to record exactly the existing religions on the planet, along with the beings' way of life before first contact.

There was one intelligent life form on this planet. It had two genders, much like their own male and female: the female bore the young as live births; and the males were providers.

There were several religions on the planet, and was currently in a state of change. The world was mostly a monogamist society, everybody paired up yet there also were conflicts and times when disconnected people did not have a dedicated partner, nevertheless, it was the rule that everybody have a partner every night, from maturity on.

There were geographical separations among the people of the planet, and among the pockets of populations there were variations.

The species as a whole tended to be aggressive; they were powerful beings who long ago had subjugated all other species, and thereafter tended to assault people from other population pockets of the world.

The religions of the world had texts which documented the early times of each. In some of those ancient ways, the description involved an alpha male who was not as skilled as other males at providing for the females and young, so they instead chose to attack the other males so as to be exclusive option for the females, despite their inability to satisfy the females' needs for care and provision. Thus the alpha male gathered large numbers of females as his exclusive mate, forced the other males to be mateless or one female would have many husbands, in some cases. The offspring of the harem-gathering alpha males grew in numbers, united by common ancestry to the alpha male, some religions were founded on that principle, but had shifted to where monagamy was the rule now, males and females were always paired up during adulthood, although who was paired with whom did vary sometimes.

The observers looked deeper, at other factors of this planet's society. Each being would be born in a live birth as gestated by a female; half were male and other half were female. The bonded pairs raised their children, even though there were occasional switching of partners, to better meet the changing needs of family. They reach adulthood and entered the mated segment of life. Eventually they reached a particular state of old age, where they were then essentially put on the shelf and the blurry paint part of them was free to wander around, merge with and observe anything and make chatter comments about their opinions, a next stage of life in which they could slightly influence whatever they chose to merge with at the moment.

In this state of bluury paint movement from their storage place on the shelf, they would watch over the progress of succeeding generations, make occasional comments, which tended to be ignored. They no longer could take significant direct physical action to change events, but they could watch and make abundant comments about what they saw, and by altering the internal paint on some adult stage being, by changing the apparent identity of what it saw, thus directly altering its behavior to some extent. They could also tip the decision scales directing the immediate physical movement of a person who was in a hurry, and thus in a way perform physical action, but this was an iffy thing. However, in this shelved stage of life they mostly just were entertained by wandering and observing and expressing their opinions fairly randomly. This was characteristic of the species: Impregnation, gestation in the female; live birth, education until maturity, mated pairing and family rearing, then put on the shelf. From the shelf, sometimes one would choose to spend most of its time inside a newborn, following along through the stages of life until back on the shelf again.

There were many variations among the population groups, and in the past, one of them had a male who had excess alpha male urges, who was not as skilled as other males at providing for the females and young and thus was being spurned by the females, so he instead chose to attack the other males so as to be exclusive option for the females, despite their inability to satisfy the females' needs for care and provision, covertly disposed of the other men of the community one at a time, he being powerful and assaultive enough to take any of the others on even if they noticed his lethal approach. The women of the community all accepted the remaining alpha male, so they themselves could pass their own genes, having no other choice. All the offspring of the community had the common genes of the one male; all were brothers that way especially.

When that alpha male was eventually put on the shelf, all the brothers sought the advisory comments of the shelved alpha male, and so had a more unified knowledge base and leadership that way. Favored males of the brothers got extra females with whom to breed, and the left out brothers were directed by the alpha male on the shelf, to wage forays into neighboring communities to snatch females so they too could have wives.

The population grew, all bonded by having the genes of the originating alpha male, and as generations went by, the sons of the alpha male joined him on the shelf, and thusly unified and more powerful watchfully monitored the state of the community and were consulted for decisions. The community grew rapidly, with the large numbers of added females for breeding; and correspondingly the neighboring communities shrank, having few females to make the next generation.

The expanding group of shelved males, all united by their common male ancestor. No male was accepted into the community that did not share the genes of that common male ancestor, and their religion was built around this male on the shelf, assisted by his growing ranks of shelved male progeny, all using their shelved state of existence to wander the community and surrounding terrain but unable to physically affect it directly, but their observations and guidance was constantly sought by the current crop of progeny who were in the mating and child rearing stage of life. The single-minded purpose of the community was to maximize the number of the founding alpha males genes on the planet, eventually all males allowed to exist must be of that gene heritage, or perish before mating. But that situation had not happened yet, it was a big world.

They had their god, the shelved alpha male of whom they all had genes, and the growing number of shelved males to help him; all of them wandered the land in search of information about what was going on, and would identify females of neighboring communities who would make fine breeders, and then the shelved sons of the alpha male would guide the forays knowing where the females were, and where any potential objector were, so they were easily surprised and thus disposed of the males, and brought the females back to the hugely expanding community, to add to the breeding rate.

They had the tremendous advantage of the data gathering and unified purpose of all, to spread the ancient alpha male's genes as fast as possible. Any male encountered who was not a son of a son etc was considered only to be fooled, used, and prevented from mating; and the females were increasingly lured by the wonderfully helpful support group for raising children, the only requirement was they could only mate males from the one group, a minor concern for most of the females.

The missionaries from the far planet, were now discussing how to spread their good news to this kind of religion, based not on the creator of the universe, but instead on an ancient alpha male now essentially their god, having powers of accumulated knowledge and watchful eyes increasingly far and wide via his sons sons who had joined on the shelf; they could control just about anything through their invisible monitors spread everywhere, the eyes and ears of the ones on the shelf. Their purpose was so limited as to not be influenced by anything: spread the alpha males genes at maximum reproduction rate, until all males left on the world where descended from the ancient alpha male.

How would the distant missionaries lead this kind of situation to the larger truth? The expanding population of the alpha males descendants had no concern except the details of how their specific part of the plan to spread the genes was to be done on a minute by minute basis. They had no interest in the creater of the universe; the universe was there for them to take over, end of subject.

So the missionaries from the distant planets, made contact with the monogamist communities of the world, integrating their universally creative God into the fabric of the societies. These too had their elders on the shelf, but their elder's concerns were as diverse and scattered as the diversity of their progeny, seeking a better life for all.

But on the fringes of the communities, there was this odd thing, where the populations were shrinking. There also was known a large community was growing rapidly. they welcomed that huge community into trade and interchange with the rest of the world; soon the representatives of the group unified by the ancestral alpha male where spread everywhere, assisted by the invisible eyes and ears of their unified alpha male shelved elders, all simply focused on the task of spreading the one set of genes.

The alpha male society spread word of their religion, their great alpha male god who was all knowing, omnipresent, all-powerful, supporting their religion. Females flocked to their meeting places to learn of this religion that was so successful, where females could find great support for raising their children, and the males of that alpha male group were so informed, so unified in purpose. Males from the outside were not thrown out, they just found things went wrong in their life thereafter, endlessly, and they could not find a female for their pairing, and eventually drifted away, destitute, and soon ceased to survive.

The great ancient alpha male's male progeny rarely had to stalk and eliminate other males anymore, since they could easily have their own males appear superior to all females of any group; even at card games, the great alpha males' male descendants could always win, because of the unified purpose of their shelved ancestors was examining the cards held by the opponents and advising how to play the game, so they always won, so easily, so impressively to the onlooking females. The community of shelved elders with their unified purpose focused them to be a super-spy network of vast observational power, all devoted to spreading those genes, yet able to peer into most anywhere and anything to advise the sons of the alpha male how to do their deeds.

Thus informed, the sons of the great alpha male always had inside knowledge, enabling the sons to have insider info on every business deal, every opportunity, the timing of just about anything, and thus the sons were nearly always the far more successful in any enterprise, they so casually succeeded, obvious to all that their god was all powerful, none could stand before him. 

The missionaries from the distant planets began to notice that the men of their monogamist, everybody-mated communities, were vanishing, and that their females were easing over to the religion of the great alpha male. The good news of the universe's creator was of increasingly low interest, since the all-knowing god of the alpha male was master of all doings of the beings. And was only interested in one thing: have all males of the planet be descendants of the great alpha male that started the group, now shrouded in mystique, easily proved himself god, all knowing, and guidance supreme, none could challenge for long before falling, because the opponents all worked unified and abundantly supplied insider information of greatest intimate levels via the shelved elders massive spy network.

So the missionaries from the distant planets, found their constituents were reducing rapidly in population, and the progeny of the great alpha male had no interest in learning of a creator of the universe; when that would be of interest, their elders on the shelves would guide them into conquest of other planets too, no problem.

So the missionaries from the far planets desolately left the planet, their good news having no ears to fall on anymore, as all males still alive now were of the genes of that great ancient alpha male, who had no purpose except to have his genes as sole occupants of this planet.

Hmm, other peopled planets were out there, the community of shelved elders of the ancient alpha male mused. Interesting....

(Originally written on Friday, August 10, 2007 in my blogs)

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