JEDCline's Online Photos for Friends and Family: Helping Decorate 2004-2005 Glendale Rose Parade Float

My eighth year of helping decorate float(s) for the Rose Parade, this year was Glendale's "Mother's Love" float portraying a mother owl and two youngsters, in a tree. Parade theme is to be "Family". I brought my camera only two of the volunteer workdays, so the variety of progression of float decorating is limited here.


On an early December day of decorating, volunteers perch high amongst the scaffolding, gluing a wide variety of vegetable matter, including many kinds of seeds, moss, flower petals, seaweed, palm bark, and other kinds of plant material. This is the backside of the Glendale float.


On another day for decorating, I get ready to leave my Sunland apartment, say goodbye to my parakeets, wearing my "white coat" given to me several years ago by Dave Weaver, crew chief. Wearing it, I worry that people will expect me to know everything about the float.


My friend Carol picks me up and we drive the I-210 to Pasadena, where the floats are being decorated.


Sign outside the "barn" where some dozen parade floats built by Phoenix Decorating Co are being decorated, including ours. announces the "Rose Palace, where I have spent many hours over the years helping decorate Rose Parade Floats.


Vision becomes reality here. Photo shows the vision and description, background shows physical reality taking shape.


One of my tasks has been to do much of the decorating on the "Operation Homefront" sign to go on the float. Here I am posing with the float and sign.


Carol touches up the Glendale sign.


Here is an interesting detail of the treetrunk, decorated with seeds and bark.


A TV cameraman photographs the neighboring Lions Club float.


The owls of our float peer around, while in the background a kitten on another float checks things out.


Up on the Heiden platform, Bruce and I prepare to decorate a butterfly.


Bruce puts a white Gladiola petal on as extra coloration on the butterfly's wing.


Another petal goes on the butterfly wing.


Hanging orchids newly flown here from the recently tsunami-devestated country of Thialand, add to tree structure for the nesting owls of our float.


Detail view of part of the front of the float.


Another detail of the beautiful decorations done by the crew.


Glendale sign; and the "Operation Homefront" sign (on which I did much of its decoration) as mounted on float for the first judging. The sign's lettering is seaweed, letters I carefuly cut out with razor blade, gluing as I went; star is shredded Everlasting petals; the blue around the star is made of shredded Blue Statis petals, outer white is ground rice; red is Carnation petals (I think), and perimiter is small white 'mums.


The nearby Long Beach float reminds me of my volunteer work in the Crustacea department of the Natural History Museum.


Title sign of our float, "Mother's Love", now mounted on the front of the float.


Walking down Raymond Street heading for the public bus transit system three hour trip to go home, once again another year having found no woman for my life, the discouraged loneliness takes over once again; here I see a construction site showing humanity is quite busy building things without me.


New Year's Day, watching the Rose Parade on my poor-reception TV, our Glendale float appears among the parade splendor.


And there is the "Homefront" sign under the Owl family, as it goes down Colorado Blvd in Pasedena's Rose Parade, viewed on my TV screen.

Also barely visible here, the dark seaweed inside of larger owl's right ear, was among other parts I did on this float. Making "one's mark on the world" so as to declare one's existence, is a human need; thus I see "my marks" expressed, one of thousands of people who made this all happen, along with a hundred thousand flowers and 5,000 gallons of glue.

The parade is the culmination of surely tens of thousands of people each "making their mark" in effort to provide beauty and optimism for the new year just starting, a kind of energy that is sorely needed these days: positive, peaceful, exciting, beautiful creative energy offered to the world.

And similarly these web pages are another kind of "mark" I make on the world, maybe to be briefly seen by someone else sometime, validating my existence in some tiny way, encouraging their better future, I hope.

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