Any photos I have of this experience are buried way deep somewhere in boxes. Hopefully they will surface and I will get to add them here later. I have already included this topic here because it was a major change in the direction of my life, enabling me to engage in public speaking without so much deep fear. The text of the paper can be read here in this file I put on the GEnie network as my first upload to a computer network, thinking it a worthy subject if the upload worked: 


BACKGROUND: Long a space enthusiast and member of the L-5 Society, I had almost missed the answering machine message that I had been selected to provide testimony for the NCS, as I had given up finding employment in the San Jose area a year after the floppy disk development had failed in Silicon Valley and I was going back to the Los Angeles area where a friend had offered me a room in which to live until I could get a job down there. So I delayed my departure a few days and got dressed up in my interviewing suit, drove to the museum in Golden gate park in San Francisco, where the NCS was being held; as I approached the building I noted lots of big trailers around the building and big cables snaking into the building; inside, more cables and people doing strange things, in the public museum area next to the auditorium where I was spending time waiting for my turn to testify. During lunch break I asked one of the other attendees what was going on; he said Lucas was filming a movie called "Howard the Duck." As I am not very able to figure out human events, this was just one more mystery going on at the time; but later I did get to see the movie, Lucasfilm's spoof science fiction fantasy. 

Anyway, it was finally my turn to give my testimony; I took my paper in hand and read it to the microphone, controlling my deep fear of the public speaking, there since childhood; but when finished, the audience clapped loudly and one of the commissioners, Dr. Paul Coleman who was head of Los Alamos National Laboratories of the time, asked for me to give him my writeup and I did so before leaving the stage, an empowering experience that later gave me the courage to do the other papers mentioned in this photosection.

For now, here is the link to my GEnie library file containing the text of my testimony before the National Commission on Space, on November 14, 1985, at the California Academy of Sciences auditorium: geniesl475

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