Here is a list of the updates, showing the latest changed pages which might be of interest.

20080422 - Earth Day contributions

TechnologyArenaBcgnd - reworked page

index - reworked page


AboutJimcline About the author, Jim Cline

JedcAchievements An attempt to focus on my life "achievements" (I get to define what an achievement is, in this case :-)) 

ResumeJedcline Work resume as of 2005

http://www.escalatorhi.com/JimDabblingH/poetrytech.html Here is a poem written about the inner workings of a disk drive

http://www.escalatorhi.com/JimDabblingH/inscribecup.html The "Inscribe cognitive engine" I created for stimulating one's creative writing.


Index Changed format of index page and added descriptive info re the sections

GroundCommute Discovered this page not filled in so I have done that re my ground commute concepts, rather quickly.

SagasTimeline Changed page name slightly and linked in the page on my science fiction novel series timeline.


SumacTree Wrote and added to the cluster vignettes section, about the big Sumac tree.


905OTCR Re-arranged the photostory about my first owned home, in Topanga CA. 

ClVignettesH Also removed the redundant pages, now are on the writing technique section as a separate directory structure. 


RPFloat2003 December 2003, the year our float won a parade trophy

JedcResidences My residences over the years

905OTCR At my first owned home in Topanga CA

LAZoo200203 A visit to the Los Angeles, CA, Zoo in March 2002

OldFamilyPhotos Includes old family photos (scattered additions among these photo sections, from my earliest digital camera photos)


WireRecorder Added a photostory of a spool of wire recorder wire I have

EphrataLichens Added in In2007 A bicycle trip to photograph the lichens on the desert rocks tumbled here

ChildhoodModels Added a photo to the ChildhoodModels photostory in JimDabbling

ClVignettesH Put a separate directory in for a creative writing technique which has been, for me, that which produces the most value for the effort made.

GenieFilesH Completed basic input of all my old Genie Spaceport technical files and put in separate directory

HistoricalTidbits Added a new catagory re a few historical items I happened to have that others might fine a bit interesting too, which included:

PopElec1752 What was electricity popularly seen as in 1752? Here is a lecture notice for a public lecture on the topic

WireRecorder Wire recorder spool, from early 1950's 

WWII Rocketplane Rare book about the 1944 WWII German Rocketplane Design, a step on the way to manned spaceflight


LAZoo200603 Added  page re another visit to the Los Angeles Zoo, in March 2006

AtBHM Added page re my experiences at Bolton Hall Museum


IindicDualDCZapr Added page re building and testing my design for a handhold current indicating form of HRC Zapper that has dual duty cycle option

WorkEnergy Added page showing calculations of the energy added to payload mass by moving it from the ground up into GEO

CrustaceaIsopods Added page of digital microscope photography of small marine specimens; Isopods picking 


IindicZapper Added page re Building and testing my design for a handhold current indicating form of HRC Zapper 

Technology Arenas Modified page to have graphics examples for the major technology arenas for better meaning


AsgZapperkit Added photos of modification to the device.

PianoTrip Added photos of piano in its new home

SeafloorForams Added photos of ROV Jason cap I was given

ElectronicGozmos Added page for hobby electronic thingys

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