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 The Ego's "How am I doing?"

Perhaps the human ego is the leftovers from when the trillion cells got together as muscle bone and nerves and needed to have feedback as to their effectiveness as a team, and so the ego was formed with the task of determine overall effectiveness internally and externally. And so the ego is endlessly answering the question "how am I doing?"

The ego does not stop when bumping into other people, however. Just keeps on doing its thing, and includes those other people as exterior factors to be dealt with, in the endless measure of how well the person's huge team of cells is doing in the world of outside including other people.

When the "I" identity in the "How am I doing?" increases from the bunch under just one person's skin but then also includes one's species and indeed the entire life chain that flows on this planet which flows through the person such as through food, then a more fitting responsibility for the larger ego happens, no longer just another suckling on Mother Earth but a fully responsible aware team member, in the enjoyment of the splendid churning of physical matter by the incoming energy of sunlight, and of the stirring of the oceans by the churning of the tides by the spins of the Earth and the Moon leftover from the planet-forming processes. With the ego's "I" having become the identity of all life, the living team could again be guided more efficiently by endlessly answering the question "how am I doing?"

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