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Knowledge taught without teaching wisdom


What if, in some far away land and time, that the educational system there teaches far more knowledge than it does wisdom for use of that knowledge, I wonder.


What if, in that hypothetical land and time, that the college profs well teach the findings of the social scientists about the factors that control the voter's information sources by which they make their decisions, and they teach the blunt realities of military science, to a few of the idle kids of the wealthy, who happen to have learned there are easier ways to pass the tests and get the required diplomas for their emergence into the business world; that what works, works. What if those kids grew up playing computer games that require fast reflexes of hunt and "kill" with never a thought of the larger picture. What if some of those young adults decide to amuse themselves by applying those principles taught of social and military science, as if it were a game to be played and won, nothing else involved? Military strategies work even when civilian tools are used instead of guns, acceptable tricks that remove opponents from the picture, and conquering can be done using military tactics against an opponent political party who does not comprehend war is being waged as a game by their own countrymen against them, using all the tools they were taught in college. What psychology to use to get the population to knee-jerk at the critical time. And having won the vote, a mere step in their secret war campaign, they methodically continue to use the strategies to rake in the wealth of the nation over to themselves, the pot they rightfully won in the game, belongs to them, right?


Ah, yes, what if.

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