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Well, it has taken me 70 years to figure out a few things, that would help other "Aspies" like me, who have special difficulty understanding people's doings in real time.

One thing I would like to pass on to other "Aspies" is that when an automotive research company is advertising for car designers to help with improving aerodynamic efficiency of minivans and claiming to be dedicated to providing the best in transportation, what they actually mean is that the are dedicated to best transportation but only if it involves their minivan products, instead of actually the most efficient and fully effective form of transportation for all people in all circumstances, and might even kick the support out from under that which looks like it might undermine their business livelihood if it can be done secretly enough. So don't suggest a pullband commute system to them to create instead of just minivans so as to save energy and commute time, for example. Similarly with them, many health industries, as they are dedicated to the best health that brings the most profit to their enterprises long term; this is not at all necessarily the same thing as the highest efficacy wellbeing for the users. Their statements are true but very narrow applicable; the implied overall meaning is not true, however, in many cases. The process of producing a product tends to tends to involve enormous compromises to produce a bundle that you hope will sell and provide you a living. As far as I know, no company,not even the government, has the entire vision of the country's best interests fully being weighed in their decisions. Much easier to just go for maximizing the bottom line, maximum profit for least effort, and call it a day.

Yet we being the customers on the other side of the corporate fence, would do well to support, by our purchases, that which most serves the well being of the overall systems by which all survive including ourselves. To do less will eventually result in less. Is it easier to just look out for Number One? Depends on how big your Number One is: is it just that which sits in your chair wearing your hat? Or include your mate, your children, your extended family, your town, your nation, your planet with all its living beings and inanimate resources all churning around as powered by the sun's energy on the stuff of this earth and guided by wondrous patterns of wholeness ... how big is your Number One? Is it all bigger than you are, really? Not your problem, can deal with only your assigned job? Just who is minding the overall nation store? If it is a nation of the people and by the people, then you as one of the people are responsible for your doings being nicely working with the needs of the whole. The guide of the fastest buck won't do the job, because too many pieces of the whole fail to get done, and without all the pieces, guess what eventually happens?

So don't expect others to be looking out for the wellbeing of the whole; each is looking out for their little piece of the whole and can't see much of the rest, even the CEO's of the biggies. Each seems to think that since they can only do so much, then it is all right to avoid looking at the overall picture of what is needed by this nation, the world system, the family walking down the street over there. Determine your needs, such as if you need to commute to your job from home, sure, do what is needed, drive a car on the freeway, ride the city bus, ride a horse or crawl through briarbushes on hands and knees, whatever to get it done for now; but at the same time, keep part of your mind on the subject of just what would be an adequately efficient and effective comfortable way to commute to work, and see if you can support the promising ways with a purchase. Same for the other important aspects of life, such as your healthy wellbeing; the medicines and medicators making a living off of what they happen to have available and know how to do, may well not be the best match for your overall long term wellbeing all of the time; keep an eye out for that which might be a more effective way of maintaining wellness and better healing of the occasional ding. Business including health care as well as car sales have too often "grown like Topsy" instead of growing to fill in the gaps in the overall life system on which you and all others depend. So in a business driven social system, it is up to the customer to guide the process by going for what works, not necessarily that which is being handed to them.

Maybe all this is obvious to non-Aspies, but am not sure about that. After all, people are much too complex to me as an Aspie.

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